Privacy Policy
Mobile10 is a performance advertising platform which provides its advertising services to product owners and direct advertisers (clients). The products we advertise for our clients are mobile applications for Android OS, iOS, web and mobile web (i.e. browser games, social services, online shops etc) on a CPA and CPI model. This Privacy Policy explains how Mobile10 collects information about the inventory for which we advertise, how we use this information and how the user can opt-out of the information collecting process.
Information we collect:
We collect basic information to provide better services to the user based on the inventory we have an access to. We collect the information in 2 ways:
1.Through our basic trafficking tracking system which gathers 3 basic variables: IP address, UserAgent and whether or not the user has our domain cookies. The lifetime of our cookies is 18 months.
2.Via our publishers. The publisher can provide us with variables such as: user device information (hardware model, unique device identifier, OS version, device language), user age, user gender and device permissions. Mobile10 does not collect information associated with the user’s personal information, such as your name, phone number, address or any kind of the information that can identify the user as a person.
How we use the information we collect:
We use the information collected (such as cookies, ip address and the user agent) to improve the user experience of the advertising inventory for which we are distributing. Our aim is to find relevant users for the products and services we promote. Therefore, we are trying not to disturb the user flow or user experience with the ad the user sees if said user has no desire to be engaged with the service that was offered. We use the user IP-range to define their location and country in order to distribute relative ads. We may also target users based on other criteria such as aforementioned criteria: user device, OS, language, UDID and hardware model. We use the information only to serve the ad inventory. We do not sell, share or allow access to any of this information to the third parties.
Transparency and choice:
Most device browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your device browser to remove or reject browser cookies. Please note that if you choose to remove or reject cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of certain features of our services. To satisfy users who have concerns about the information we are collecting we are providing the cookie opt-out functionality. To delete our cookies, the user should press the button labeled ‘Delete Cookies’ on the Privacy Policy (the current one) page.