Publishers’ statistics

We are excited to share some statistics from one of our publishers who has been using the Mobile10 platform to monetize their website.

This publisher primarily sends traffic from doorways to a directlink with a keyword forwarded through the download button. Thanks to this effective strategy, they have been able to generate high-quality traffic that converts well, resulting in impressive payouts without hold on the Net0 system.

In terms of audience, their top GEOs include the US, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, and Canada. This means that they have a broad reach and are able to target a diverse audience from various countries.

Furthermore, their traffic comes from a range of operating systems, with Windows 10 being the most popular followed by iPhone, OSX, and Android phones. These statistics demonstrate that the publisher’s content is accessible to a diverse range of users on multiple devices.

If you’re interested in achieving similar results, join Mobile10 today and start maximizing your website’s earning potential.

Publisher stats
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