Quick Starting Guide

Already created an account on Mobile10 and don’t know where to start? We’ll show you how to create a promotional code and where you can find all the payment information.

If you don’t have an account yet, start from the first step.

Let’s start!

Step 1: Sign Up as a Publisher

To get started, click on the Sing Up button on the main page and fill out a short form.

Important: after registration you will not be able to change your username and password.

Step 2: Main Platform Sections

Let me quickly tell you about the main sections that you can work with on our platform.


Here you can see the dynamics of daily payments for two weeks.


This section shows detailed statistics. To get more accurate data, you can use filters like CountryDate, OS Device, and Platform.


In Promo, you can see a list of your ad placements or create new ones. Our partner network invites you to use tools like Directlink and Pop Up. We’ll talk more about our advertising inventory a bit later. Stay tuned!

Important: before creating your first ad placement, make sure you have a payment method set up.


In Finance, you can see information about payments for the selected period: for each day, week, 15 days, or month.


Here you can find general information about payments and a list of actual transactions, indicating the date, amount, payment method, and status.

We currently have six payment methods: WebmoneyPaypal, Bitcoin, Wire, Capitalist, and Payoneer. Each of them has its payout limit. For example, for Bitcoin, it is $1000, and for Webmoney, it is $10. We only pay in US dollars, but money can be converted into any other currency.


Click on the profile icon. In this section, you can enter additional information about yourself and change your password.

Also, here you can set up the integration with Postback URL and Trafficback URL. We will tell you more about integration soon.

In the Profile section, you will find a referral link. With it, you can receive 5% of the income of the person who has followed this link and registered in Mobile10.


Do you have any questions? Go to the Contacts section and contact our managers through the indicated contact methods.

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